Pediatric Physiotherapy

Children of all ages, from infancy to adolescent, may need assessment and treatment from a Physiotherapist. There are a variety of conditions that affect children at different stages in their development. Children are growing, and there are factors that need to be taken into consideration when developing an appropriate treatment plan to suit the needs of their growing bodies.

Conditions that children may need to see a Physiotherapist include:

* Muscle strains

* Ligament sprains

* Post Fracture care

* Sports related injuries

* Torticollis

* Patellofemoral Syndrome

* Growing related conditions such as Sever’s and Osgood Schlatter’s

* Biomechanical assessments for altered gait such as in toeing

At Allied Physiotherapy, treatment is tailored, in a fun and creative manner, to suit the age, stage of development, and level of physical ability of each child.


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