Hand Therapy


The Certified Hand Therapist credential offers assurance that the therapist has achieved the highest level of competency in the profession.


What is Hand Therapy/a Hand Therapist?

 A hand therapist is a physical therapist (P.T) who, through advanced continuing education, clinical experience and integration of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and exercise rehabilitation, has become proficient in the treatment of pathological upper extremity conditions resulting from trauma, disease, congenital or acquired deformity. Hand therapists use specialized skills to assess and treat diseases or injuries of the upper quarter (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder girdle and cervical region).


What can a Hand Therapist do for me?

Hand therapists provide non-operative interventions, preventative care and post-surgical rehabilitation for a wide variety of upper extremity disorders, from simple fingertip injuries to complex hand injuries. Patients with chronic conditions, such as arthritis or neurological conditions, such as a stroke, can benefit from therapy through education on joint protection and with recommendations for adaptive equipment or devices to improve function. A hand therapist employs a variety of techniques and tools, including joint mobilization, massage therapy techniques, ultra sound, laser, wax bath and custom exercise programs. These interventions are used in the management of pain, swelling, scar care and to promote healing. 


We treat the following conditions:

  • Adhesions or tightness
  • Arthritis and rheumatic diseases
  • Dislocations and subluxations
  • Dupuytren’s disease
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Fractures
  • Ligamentous injury and instability
  • Muscular strains, tears and avulsions fractures
  • Pain (complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia)
  • Spinal cord and central nervous system injuries
  • Tendonitis


If your injury requires splinting, please call and we will advise you on where to book for appropriate splinting for your injury.


Available at:

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