Enhancing Your Recovery With Kinesiology!

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists that assess, design and implement programs to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance in the areas of sports, recreation, work, daily life activities and exercise. 

Lower Back Pain and Kinesiology.

Back pain can result from a number of factors such as a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, sports and even daily life activities such as running, gardening or prolonged computer work. 

Causes of Lower back Pain

  • Leg Length Differences
  • Disc Injuries such as bulges and protrusions
  • Nerve root irritation or impingement
  • Muscle strains
  • Poor Posture

Signs and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  • Limited range of motion in the lower back, pelvic, hip 
  • Poor postural stability
  • Sharp, achy, burning or shooting pain in the back
  • Potential pain radiating down the hip, thigh, calf or foot

How Can Kinesiology Help?

At your first visit with the kinesiologist, they will complete an assessment of your range of motion, strength, and functional ability. The kinesiologist will design a customized exercise rehabilitation program specific to each patient’s needs. This will include educating you on your injury, namely the importance of good posture, and help you to find and maintain your neutral body positions with correct mechanics during functional activities. You will be provided with detailed copies of all your exercises in print, picture or video format to take home. The kinesiologist’s prime function will be to provide you with a detailed treatment plan of how they can assist you in regaining pre-injury full function. 

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