What is an Ankle Sprain?

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments are stretched or torn and can vary in severity from a grade 1 sprain with a few torn fibres in the ligaments, to a grade 3 sprain where the ligament is completely torn.

What Causes an Ankle Sprain? 

Trauma or sudden movements, primarily twisting/turning/rolling of the foot and ankle, are the most common causes of ankle sprains. Ankle sprains account for 15-20% of all sports-related injuries. The ligaments on the outer side of the ankle are the most commonly injured.

Signs and Symptoms of Ankle Sprains:

• Localized pain
• Swelling/Bruising
• Difficulty with weight-bearing
• Pain with palpation over the ligaments
• Decreased range of motion of the ankle
• Instability with ligament stability testing

What Treatment Can I Get?

In your Physiotherapy assessment, your physio will go over:

• Pain/Swelling: Cryotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, electromagnetic therapy and inferential current
• Stability-taping: Bracing, assistive gait devices and orthotics.
• Scar Tissue/Range of Motion: Soft tissue release, joint mobilization/manipulation and acupuncture/dry needling/IMS (intramuscular stimulation).
• Biomechanical Alignment: Pelvis symmetry, posture correction, restore muscle balance of the pelvis, hip and knee
• Active Rehabilitation: Strengthening (core, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle), stretching exercises, balance & proprioception.
• Education: Footwear, orthotics, training namely intensity, frequency, duration and mode.

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