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Deal with your Workplace Injuries with Allied Physiotherapy Health Group 

Workplace injuries can be a challenging and stressful experience for anyone. Whether you’ve suffered from a minor strain or a more serious musculoskeletal issue, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. At our clinic, we understand the difficulties that come with managing workplace injuries and are here to support you every step of the way. In this blog post, we’ll explore common work-related injuries and provide helpful tips on how to navigate through the process of dealing with them. 

If you’ve been injured at work and need physiotherapy, WorkSafeBC (WSBC) can help cover your treatment costs. However, the process can be confusing, so it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities when seeking WSBC physiotherapy. 

Common Workplace Injuries Treated at Our Clinics 

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries – Rotator Cuff Impingement, Tennis/Golfers Elbow, Tendonitis, Hip/Ankle Bursitis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and Carpal Tunnel. 
  • Fractures – Upper and Lower Limbs. 
  • Dislocations – Collar Bone, Shoulder, Elbow, Kneecap and Fingers. 
  • Muscle/Tendon Strains – Neck/Back, Shoulder, Hip/Groin, Hamstring, Calf/Achilles. 
  • Ligament/Cartilage Injuries -Back, Knee, Ankle and Shoulder 

If you do experience a workplace injury, there are three important steps to follow.  

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How many WSBC physiotherapy treatments am I eligible for if my claim is approved? 

Recovering from an injury can be daunting, but physiotherapy often provides essential support. The primary aim of these treatments is to restore you to your pre-injury healthy condition and make functional improvements that enable a safe return to work. If you begin physiotherapy within 60 days of your injury, WSBC pre-approves 16 sessions for the first six weeks post-injury.  Should you require additional treatment, your physiotherapist will submit an Extension Request outlining your progress, anticipated improvements, and the number of sessions needed to reach those goals.

Why Choose Allied Physiotherapy Group for WorkSafe BC (WSBC) treatment? 

Choosing Allied Physiotherapy Group for your WorkSafe BC (WSBC) treatment ensures you receive top-notch care from experienced physiotherapists at any of our conveniently located clinics across North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, White Rock, Steveston, Delta, and South Surrey. We offer direct billing to WSBC, making the process seamless for you. Our clinics provide free parking and develop customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our multidisciplinary approach includes manual therapy and hands-on treatments, ensuring a comprehensive rehabilitation experience beyond just machine-based therapy. We accept new patients and offer same-day appointments, which you can book via call or online through our 24/7 booking system. With over 1680+ reviews, our commitment to patient satisfaction is evident. 


Workplace injuries can be difficult to manage, but by following these steps and seeking professional management and care, you can navigate this challenging time more easily. Remember that reporting your injury promptly, taking care of yourself, and seeking professional help are key components for recovery from a workplace injury.  


  • Do you directly bill WSBC? 

Yes, Allied Physiotherapy Health Group’s has multiple locations across North Van, Surrey, Richmond, Steveston, and White Rock/South Surrey which are certified WSBC Physiotherapy Providers. Our Allied Physiotherapy Clinics directly bill WorkSafe (WSBC) for physiotherapy services which means you will have no out of pocket expenses.  

  • Does WSBC pay for Physiotherapy in BC? 

Yes, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) of British Columbia, also known as WorkSafeBC, does pay for physiotherapy for injured workers. WorkSafeBC covers the cost of physiotherapy treatments that are necessary for recovery from a work-related injury or illness. The coverage includes assessments, treatments, and any necessary follow-up sessions to help workers return to their pre-injury level of function or work. 

As our Physiotherapy clinics are registered with WorkSafe, we can directly bill for physiotherapy treatment. 

  • Is Manual Physiotherapy better than machine treatment? 

Manual physiotherapy often offers personalized, hands-on techniques tailored to individual needs, potentially yielding better outcomes than machine-based treatments which may lack specificity and adaptability.  

About Candace Messina Reg. P.T 

Candace Messina is a Registered Physiotherapist who has been with the Allied Physiotherapy Health Group for 12 years now. She enjoys treating all types of patients and focuses on individualizing the treatment to each person’s specific presentation and needs. Candace also enjoys incorporating her skills from her Clinical Pilates, Kinesiology and functional gait assessment training to help patients restore optimal movement patterns.